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Tapper Bottles

Available in 60ml, 100 ml and 150 ml storage capacity based choices, this array of Tapper Bottles can be availed with TE cap and plug/wad.  Weight of these bottles ranges between 10+/-0.5 gram to 12.5+/-08 gram and height is 96.6+-1 mm to 110.5 +/-1 mm. With having 25 mm neck, these bottles have 38.5+/-1 mm to 45+/-1 mm body dimension range. Overflow capacity of these Tapper Bottles is 75 +/-4 ml to 116+/-3.5ml. Offered in colorless and amber colored transparent look, these bottles have multiple tapered ridges for hermetic sealing of caps. These breakage protected glass items are highly durable.

"We are mainly dealing with minimum order inquiry for 10, 000 Pieces."